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Creating Light with Kelsey

Nov 2, 2021

On this episode, I interview my friend Hailey and we discussed the dynamic of our friendship. We have officially known each other for 10 year now, and 4 years ago we had a significant falling out. The past 4 years I was having dreams about us running into each other and reconnecting, then it happened in real life! After reconnecting I asked her if she would be open to talking about this on the podcast and she said yes!

I honestly never envisioned us becoming friends again. The past 4 years is when I heavily started my healing journey and who I was when Hailey and I were friends doesn't exist anymore. I had grieved our relationship. I had completely let it go, but the universe continuously surprises me! Hailey and I were meant to reconnect. How our friendship looks like from here on out, I'm not sure, but this moment was supposed to happen. It was truly a gift. Tune in to witness how we processed the falling out along with how we have grown as humans!


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