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Creating Light with Kelsey

Sep 14, 2021

On this episode, I interview a soul sister of mine, Bree! She was the woman who did my Akashic Record reading, and I knew I needed to bring her on the podcast for a full interview. Bree shares what she has been called to give the world. So, tune in to listen how she is one of many creating light for the collective!

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on what is your message vs what is your purpose
  • It doesn't have to be perfect for you to start
  • Trust your intuition even when you don't have the answers as to why
  • Let things happen when they are meant to happen and not forcing it to fit your expected timeline
  • Your healing and your journey is your responsibility
  • You have the power to protect yourself energetically


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Go to Bree's Soul to Sole website to book your own Akashic Record reading, get a Manifesting Like Magic journal, journal prompts, and workbooks! 

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You can listen to my Akashic Record reading here on, Episode 21