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Creating Light with Kelsey

Oct 19, 2021

In this episode, I dive into the raw data from Week 3 of my study, "Self-Care after Trauma: A heuristic inquiry using Art Therapy, Journaling, and Dream reflection." The raw data consists of all of my art pieces, journal entries, and documented dreams that was expressed for the duration of the 5 week study. Within Week 3, I was still processing the sensations of anger in not feeling "seen." Then I was feeling frustrated with the boundaries I needed in regards to sex, and I was feeling extremely exhausted.

I was feeling the full weight of my trauma in a way I had never experienced before. My study was having me constantly confront myself and my relationship with sex. I discuss how I was originally agitated with the process of shifting my mindset from being used to sexual abuse to then starting to get used to a healthy sex and sexuality lifestyle. I was also confronting my maladaptive coping mechanism of avoiding. I realized it would be a crucial decision to either choose to push through or slip back into avoidance. 


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