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Creating Light with Kelsey

Aug 31, 2021

Today, I share how I came to the decision of no longer wearing a bra. Which then unintentionally lead to becoming another tool that has helped the process of healing my sexuality. As a survivor of sexual trauma, there are many layers to contribute to rediscovering the feelings of being whole, confident, secure, and sensual in the aftermath of trauma, or possibly even learning how to feel those things for the very first time. Embarking on this journey of no longer wearing bras gifted me with reconnecting to my body and showing it love.

Key takeaways:

  • I had let the media's portrayal of boobs dictate my self-worth.
  • I was wearing bras to make OTHER people feel comfortable and to prevent possible sexual feelings of OTHER people which was perpetuating rape culture. 
  • Let's start making it normal to see a woman's body and NOT have it immediately go to sex.
  • Not wearing a bra surfaced a lot of fears and critical thoughts, which gave me the opportunity to work through that and begin to see my body as beautiful. 


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