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Creating Light with Kelsey

Jun 15, 2021

On this episode, I share what life has been like for me after deactivating Facebook and Instagram! Social media had not been fulfilling me for quite some time. I was just too afraid to actually delete it. I had countless (irrational) fears of losing touch with humanity, but I quickly realized that all those fears were lies I was caught up in. If you are thinking about deleting social media or reducing your activity on it, I assure you, that you will be just fine!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Social media tricked me into thinking that without it, I would have nothing, and I would be lonely. 
  • If you only know what is going on in friends, family, or random people's lives because you follow each other on social media, then it's time to evaluate your relationships.
  • When I no longer had those apps I magically had all this free time.
  • This hiatus has intensified my self-awareness and has given me constant opportunities to step into who I truly am.
  • Social media is a facade. 

Creative expression prompts:

  1. Why do you have social media?
  2. How does it serve you?
  3. Is it for you or for other people?
  4. What would your relationships be like if you didn't have social media?
  5. Within your relationship of social media, are you being your authentic self or are you hiding behind the facade? 


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