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Creating Light with Kelsey

Jun 10, 2021

What a celebratory day it is today! I am incredibly excited to announce that Creating Light with Kelsey has reached 1,000 overall downloads! Personally, I am impressed that it took just three and a half months with only texting about 20 people notifying them I had started a podcast. I have just been showing up, putting my work out there, and the people that are meant to find it, DO. 

On this episode, I tap into my inner child and share some of the tape recordings from when I was 9 years old! As a child I received a tape recorder for a christmas gift. I immediately started pretending that I was a host on a radio show. Fast forward to the present moment, look at me now, all grown up, no longer playing pretend. I created this. This is real. I am the host of my own podcast. Shit is wild! Thank you all for listening so far. I am excited to see where this journey continues to take me!


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I mentioned my Akashic Record reading in this episode and you can listen in on the entire reading here, Episode 21.