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Creating Light with Kelsey

Apr 22, 2021

Today you get to tune in to my entire Akashic Record reading that I received from my friend, Bree! I had never intentionally interacted with the spirit realm in this way before. I was excited to see what was going to come through, and I went into this experience without having any expectations. I hope you receive  some of your own gifts by listening to the recording of my reading!

Throughout the reading we went into:

  • Past lives
  • My future within this life
  • Getting to the root of my unsafety
  • Gaining perspective on money mindset and abundance
  • The work I came to do here on Earth
  • Understanding that I am the gatekeeper within my bloodline to no longer pass down this level of darkness that myself and previous generations have experienced 


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Linda Howe's book, How to read the Akashic Records: Accessing the archive of the Soul and its journey-