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Creating Light with Kelsey

Mar 25, 2021

On this episode, I break down the model of Bearing Gifts to the Feast that was created by Stephen K. Levine. I share what the Bearing Gifts to the Feast presentation is and how it can work to reach its ultimate healing potential. I wanted to explain what this was before revealing how I personally went through the process, which I will dive into on the next episode!

Key Takeaways:

  • By bearing our suffering we can perceive its gifts, and then share our story with others in communion, the feast
  • There is great wisdom in owning our suffering, and that is the gift
  • Describing parts of the process of the rites of passage and liminality
  • Being grateful for the old parts of self because they helped create who you are today
  • "We cannot give what we do not own"


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Stephen K. Levine's book, Poiesis: The Language of Psychology and the Speech of the Soul